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This is an independant ask and role play blog. I'll play with anyone and answer any question. All posts are in character unless otherwise stated.


katiegangel asked: *shakes his hand* So... how are you liking it here on earth?

Earth is a very fine planet.

Anonymous asked: Do you like engineers?

Do you mean Engineers as people who design and build things or the Engineers we encountered on our voyage?

Anonymous asked: Will i succeed in my endeavours?

That depends how much effort you put into it, and even then you can’t be completely sure.

If you are looking for a role play partner and enjoy robots… —

You should check out Rabbit

He’s new and needs followers

crocodilepatronus asked: I know you can't get excited (or can you....?) but Lawrence of Arabia has been reformatted for Blu Ray with tons of new special features!!

I will have to purchase this!

katiegangel asked: The pleasure is all mine, David. *holds out her hand to shake his*

[Would take her hand to shake and offered a smile]

Time to recharge —

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katiegangel asked: Ah. Oh. You can just call me Katie, if you'd like.

If that is what you’d prefer. It is a pleasure to meet you, though, Katie. I’m David.

katiegangel asked: Interfacing? Oh, you don't have to call me ma'am. I'm not that old... or that high ranking for that matter.

Interaction with people. What would you prefer I call you?

Anonymous asked: like... let's say I made an android named ASA (Automated Service Android) who looked less human and operated on a lower standard, including bouts of denial of orders. would you still see it as an equal, or would you be far less tolerant?

Well, how about this comparison. If you had a friend who you were very much aware was not as intelligent or talented as you, would you stop being their friend?